Isshmael approached looking for a video editor for his technology review Youtube channel and we began putting together videos in early 2022. Video footage was supplied to us online and we delivered several versions of each video with amendments made to each. These videos include examples of cutaway jokes, picture in picture footage and sound design that was quite challenging to put together. 

Over the three videos we were able to establish a great working relationship with Isshmael advising him on the best way to streamline his output. Contributing to the camera and lighting set up and the format of his videos we were able to create content he was happy with. We look forward to releasing new content on Call me Isshmael in the near future.

We continue to work with Isshmael continuing to advise new ways to approach content. Additional we continue to provide editing services and help Isshmael to expand his portfolio of content to other social media platforms.

Call Me Isshmael Channel